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A hard man is good to find!

A hard man is good to find


Bill Coleman / Vancouver / Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hard cocks are usually fun, so it’s not surprising that many gay guys use Viagra and other erectile stimulants recreationally. They don’t necessarily need the drugs, but they can make life more interesting and fun.

What’s that saying straight females (or is it gay men?) have? Oh yeah: “A hard man is good to find.”

“It’s fun to walk around with a bulge in your pants,” many guys tell me. When you see a hot guy walk by you may start to feel those familiar stirrings in your loins, and when he stops to talk to you, your expanding bulge can quickly show him how interested you are.

There are many reports in the scientific literature about extensive use of erectile stimulants by gay guys. Several studies indicate that gay guys who use these drugs are more likely to be HIV-positive, but researchers are careful to point out that these drugs do not facilitate HIV transmission or make it easier to become infected with HIV. But, the studies suggest, with more hard cocks around there will be more sex, and if there is more sex there will be more risky sex and therefore more HIV transmission.

Well, that is the researchers’ logic, but we know that not everyone who has lots of sex gets HIV. Transmission is about risk-taking, not about the number of guys you have sex with.

Using erectile stimulants can even encourage condom use. One of the most common reasons guys give for not liking to use condoms is loss of erection, or the fear of losing an erection partway through sex. Some guys also find it difficult to come when using condoms. Erectile stimulants can help with all these problems.

If you stay hard, you can fuck freely without concerns about losing an erection, letting you relax and enjoy the moment(s). So these drugs can be very helpful for guys who tend to lose their erections.

However, there can be side effects to erectile stimulants. Common medical advice holds that you should not use poppers while under the influence of Viagra. I know this may be a hardship for some guys, but the combination can be hard on even a healthy heart. So you will have to learn to have fun with a hard cock and no poppers.

You should not use a metal cock ring when taking erectile stimulants because the ring can become difficult to remove, resulting in a painful situation with a cock that will not go down. This is called priapism. (This is not an ad for a local shop!)

Pilots are not allowed to use Viagra for a day before flying because it can affect vision. Some people have what they describe as a blue hue to their vision after taking Viagra.

Some guys have also reported problems with erectile stimulants that they buy on the street. So be careful where you get your drugs and how much you take. You may think that one pill is great, so two will be greater. Not so! Often people need only half a dose, so try that first. It is cheaper and you are less likely to have side effects.

Some of the studies suggest that taking some protease inhibitors in high doses can cause Viagra to be metabolized more slowly; the Viagra thereby stays in the body longer and has a more lasting effect. Guys taking protease inhibitors may want to try using a lower dose to lessen the side effects of Viagra, but this should be discussed with your doctor.

If you use erectile stimulants, be careful, have fun, know your limit and play within it.